Rolex Day Date Replica Watches

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Rolex Day Date Watch Models

It is known that luxury rolex replica watches brands associate their different lines to sports and other adventurous activities or feats. Thus, if a Day Date watch is dedicated to a tennis star, then you would not be surprised. Roger Federer is a legend in tennis as he has 16 Grand Slam titles under his belt. He is a star born of Switzerland and his Olympic as well as Australian Open titles are also numerous. He likes the Rolex Oyster Day-Date Watch and so do his fans who love what he wears on his wrists. The Day date watches are part of a collection that have many legends and famous names associated with many models.

There are models which have been designed to commemorate or be dedicated to personalities such as Kennedy, Ford, Nixon, Eisenhower and many other movie stars, presidents and CEOs of companies. There is a certain model amongst the Day Date collection which is known as the Rolex Day Date President watch. It is one of the exclusive models in this line and was designed and launched way back in 1948. You would be surprised to find cheap Rolex replicas in the xafs of such an intricate model as well. The watch also has a unique clasp mechanism termed as the President’s bracelet which features concealed clasps.

There have been other changes and innovations that have been added to the watch down the years. For instance, the hack feature to allow one to stop the second hand when the watch is being adjusted or the quick set feature of pulling out the top button and twisting it around the move the hands are unique features which were first seen in this watch series. There are new watch models which are added to the Day Date series every year and there are many elegant watch models to choose from, even amongst the Rolex daytona replica watches. One can choose amongst yellow, white or rose gold models as well as watches set in platinum and diamonds.

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